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Anonymous asked:

That's fucked up, for Paddy not to help you. Karma may raise its ugly head for that one...

He’s scared of something. I’m not an idiot, there must be loads he’s not telling me - but I don’t have the time nor the patience to pander to his bullshit. Not when our friend ‘CopyClaire’ is still out there. And of course, the faceless thing that seems to have disappeared off the radar…

I got an email from my uncle Paddy.

Claire. It’s Paddy.

You need to stop this silly game of yours. It ends now. There is no good to be had from digging into the past, and all you are doing is stoking fires you cannot control.

Stop talking to strangers on the Internet about things that do not concern them, stop poking into our history, just stop all of this. Before anyone else dies.

Don’t call me again, not until you’ve stopped all this nonsense. And leave my son out of this.


If you are reading this Paddy, then I want you to understand this - I am not going to stop looking for answers.

You know a lot more than you’re willing to tell me, I’m not stupid. I know you’re never going to tell me what you know. So I guess I have no choice but to keep digging.

I’m on my own now.


Anonymous asked:

Can you remember any of the stories that your father told you when you were younger? Any that might involve a tall, faceless creature?

I vaguely remember him telling me a few stories. He told me when he was younger, his father would tell him to stay away from the forest by his house in case something took him away. He also told him to stay away from the lakes and brooks in case the girl in the water pulled him in. Oh, and something about a dog, I think.

He also told me a lot about banshees and omens of death. Ireland is a dark place, I tell you. But nothing springs immediately to the front of my mind, my dad told me a lot of stories growing up and not one of them is screaming out to me.

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