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I’m awake. I’ve been in and out of sleep since the early hours of Sunday morning, since the Tinychat. I was okay, we were all talking and the next thing I know, I felt really sick and headachey, then I heard my own voice next to my ear, telling me to go to sleep.

The moments I’ve been awake have been almost zombie-like, in that I remember getting up, tending to my pets and going to the bathroom, but then I’m out again, dead to the world.

I’m eating like a horse and answering all the missed calls and texts I’ve had from Chris and Usmaan, and I’ll be answering all the messages in my inbox here as well. 

Thanks to everyone who came to talk to me, I appreciate your friendship and your time - and I hope you all stay with me until I can figure out what exactly is going on.

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