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Afternoon off work can only mean cube drafting with friends! 
I will do a proper update soon - things have been quiet and I appreciate it.
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Afternoon off work can only mean cube drafting with friends!

I will do a proper update soon - things have been quiet and I appreciate it.

Last night’s Magic times…

Work has been a very oppressive atmosphere thanks to Lee, and honestly I’m still not comfortable at home. The dogs are settled and that’s a good thing, but the idea of someone being in my garden - someone apparently without a face - makes me feel uneasy. 

As for research… Chris sent me some really good links, but I’ve seen most of the information elsewhere. 

In Gaelic Ireland, before the Viking age (when Vikings brought new forms of technology, culture and warfare into Ireland), there was a heavy importance placed on clan wars and ritual combat. (Wikipedia)

I’ve been reading about the Gallowglass troops, and how deadly they were - Norse-Gaelic mercenaries who were hired by pretty much anyone with gold in their pocket to do their dirty work. They couldn’t be defeated. 

"Terrors on the battlefield, they fought in the summer wars between the Irish Lords who wanted an edge over their enemies. The Gallowglass would plant their crops in the spring, pick up their swords for the summer wars, and then come home to harvest in the fall." - Gallowglass Troops: Some of Ireland’s Deadliest Mercenaries

My dad told me a lot about them when I was younger, but reading about them again has made me feel like I’m back in school. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fascinating stuff - but what about the O’Haodha clan? Are they so infamous they don’t even exist?

…so, coupled with the anxiety at home, the headache-inducing research meant that I had to get out of the house yesterday, so I went to the cafe and met up with Chris and his friend Usmaan - another regular at FNM and someone who’s been playing Magic about as long as I’ve been. 

Chris and I spoke about what we’d found online briefly before Usmaan asked what we were talking about, so I showed him this blog. I didn’t even think for a second that I’d look crazy to this guy I had only just started talking to - and he did seem a little shocked by the video footage from my garden, but he said “It sucks that you’re dealing with this on your own, if I can help then I will.”

…it felt nice to not feel so alone at that moment in time. Chris filled him in on all the stuff we’d found, before we played a few games of EDH - my favourite casual format of Magic - until I had to go get my bus home. I don’t like leaving the dogs alone for too long, not since… well, not since last year.

I really want to talk to my uncle Paddy again about all this, see if I can’t coax some information out of him about our ancestors that I can’t find online. 

Maybe I should talk to my cousin Stephen again?

Still no sign of the crest online, on the lost website nor anywhere else. It feels like I’m not supposed to find it again - shame that I can remember it so vividly, really.


Anonymous asked:

How is Lee being with you after the incident in your garden? I hope you're doing okay after all that.

He’s being… really horrible, actually. I’ve known him for years and I have never known him to be like this with anyone - let alone someone he calls his best friend. 

I’m doing alright. I’ve had no unusual night-time visitors since that, and the dogs have been calm, so I feel calm. 


Anonymous asked:

Have you always had problems like this with your internet connection and laptop?

Nope. I called the company and they said they had no reported faults in my area - it’s just my connection is currently dodgy as hell right now. I’m at the cafe where I play Magic right now, but I’m not taking part in FNM just to get this fucking video uploaded…

I’ve had no internet until today.

And I’ve been working every day, so I couldn’t even get to the internet cafe where I normally play Magic every week.

Speaking of which, I had a very interesting conversation with a guy named Chris on Friday night after we played against each other. He saw me looking at a doodle I had drawn of the crest - it went from there.

I’ll be uploading that later. Nothing weird to report, despite the date, but I feel so overworked right now.

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